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SEO Objectives
The purpose of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to increase your web presence, search engine rankings, number of visitors and sales of your products.

Site Analysis
Initially, we will perform a comprehensive analysis on your current website to determine the improvements required to optimize it for search engines. The components to be analyzed include: layout, navigation, images, links, meta tags, and content.

Keyword Research
One of the first steps in Search Engine Optimization is choosing descriptive keywords. Keyword research is done to maximize the impact of search engine optimization. With the right target keywords, search engines will direct more potential customers to your site, thus increasing conversion rate of potential inquiries to actual purchases. The accurate identification and careful selection of these important keywords and phrases are crucial to the success of an online business.

Competitive Analysis
An important step in developing a focused plan for SEO is an analysis of your competition in the online marketplace. This step involves two separate processes. First, we analyze the websites of your known competitors to gather their search engine ranking and keywords. Using each of the previously identified keywords, we locate the current top websites returned from the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo. We then combine all the results to come up with an aggregated list of top competitors. While this list most likely includes your known competitors, it will often uncover indirect competitors as well.

SEO copywriting involves rewriting the content of your site so that it becomes search engine friendly and appeals to your visitors. Relevant keywords are integrated within different areas of the site. This will appeal to the computer logic employed by the search engines which influences the order of your site’s placement in a search result.

Create Meta Information
Meta tags provide additional information that will allow search engine crawlers to index your website more accurately and precisely. The three most important types of meta tags for search engines are: title tag, description tag and keywords tag.

Site Map
A site map page is an outline of every page of your website in the form of an open directory tree and allows direct access to every page from that one. A site map page will promote a better and more complete crawling of your website by search engines. It will also provide visitors a quick overview of your entire site along with the ability to access every page quickly and easily. Its use is very important and should be linked from each page of the site.

Link Building
Search engines, Google in particular, will consider your site important and give it a higher ranking if other quality sites link to yours. There are several types of linking and different methods of building them. Some techniques that can be used are directory submissions, press releases, blogs and link exchange.

Website Load time and HTML Validation
Sites will not perform well if pages are slow-loading and visitors will leave your site if it takes too long to load. Internet usability studies have shown that most visitors will leave a web page that takes more than 7 seconds to download. Some search engines will skip these sites or place them lower in the search results. Some of the more common reasons for slowness include html errors, poor coding and non-optimized images. We will check your website and make modifications when necessary.

Browser Compatibility
People use a variety of browsers on different operating systems. Ensuring that your website is available across platforms is very important to reach the broad range of Internet users. We will test your website in all major browsers and make adjustments where necessary.

Search Engine and Directory Submissions
Once your site is optimized, we will manually submit it to all the major search engines and directories. Most search engines and directories have different rules for submissions. We understand that it is of the utmost importance to follow the procedures set forth by each search engine and we take care to submit to each search engine by following their specific guidelines.

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