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Bynari, Inc. ("Bynari"), a Dallas Texas based company, is a leading-edge software firm focused on providing a full-suite of collaboration products by utilizing open standards and architecture. Bynari develops products for resale and OEM through various vendor relationships, as well as for its own sales and marketing channels. Bynari Inc. is a privately held company backed by Crist Ventures, a leading technology venture capital firm.

The current products are the Insight Family of messaging services consisting of Linux based Insight Server, Insight Connector, Insight Addressbook, and the Insight WebClient. Bynari supports all the popular Linux operating systems and multiple hardware servers that include not only the Intel servers, but also IBM's powerful eServer models, xSeries, OpenPower, iSeries, and pSeries.

What sets Bynari apart from other mail messaging companies is our unique technology that provides a complete suite of collaborative features and functions to support Outlook clients (98-2003) without the need for an Exchange server. The Outlook clients are configured in "Corporate Workgroup Mode" just like with Exchange servers. Bynari has added multiple tools to assist with complete infrastructure support for email management. Insight Server provides a migration tool for bringing over the data. It provides backup and recovery tools, integration to Active Directory, and anti-spam and anti-virus tools. Popular functions like Outlook calendaring, shared folders, meeting room scheduling are all available, and much more.