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Bob Ungaretti quoted in SCO's Press Release for OpenServer 6
LAS VEGAS, SCO Forum, Aug. 8 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- The SCO Group, Inc. ("SCO") , owner of the UNIX operating system and a leading provider of UNIX-based solutions, today reported on customer adoption of SCO OpenServer 6 and released the first maintenance pack, adding multi-core processing capabilities to OpenServer. Additionally, SCO announced the availability of education curriculum materials as well as new bundled Support and Professional Services for SCO OpenServer 6. The company also outlined the roadmap for its UNIX technology and product line.

To date, SCO OpenServer 6 has sold thousands of customer licenses including many to companies in the Fortune 1000, government agencies and many small-to-medium businesses. SCO resellers have anticipated a high degree of interest in the upgrade from their customers due to the product's increased performance, support for more powerful hardware and a broader array of applications, as well as significant security and stability enhancements.

"OpenServer 6 provides an almost seamless migration with years of headroom built in. Some customers are experiencing a tenfold increase in performance," said Dave Ramgren, division vice president, BIS Computer Solutions, Inc., a SCO reseller partner. "We can confidently encourage other OpenServer customers to upgrade to SCO OpenServer 6. The process of integration and configuration is efficient and a low risk for customers."

Maintenance Pack 1

Maintenance Pack 1 (MP1) for SCO OpenServer 6 includes the added support and functionality for multi-core processing capabilities, a key technology that helps servers complete multiple tasks using one integrated circuit or chip. Once installed, the maintenance pack will automatically detect and immediately begin utilizing multiple-core processors on a server. The company will not require a customer to obtain additional CPU licenses for their use of the multi-core processing technology.

In addition to the multi-core processing upgrades, MP1 also includes upgrades to the latest version of the Mozilla browser (version 1.7.10), as well as upgrades to the included Java and Web Services technologies.

New SCO OpenServer 6 Education Curriculum

SCO has recently introduced education materials to provide assistance to system administrators on using SCO OpenServer 6. The curriculum is available in three volumes, including System Administration I, System Administration II and Network Administration. The materials are conveniently available for purchase on media of choice: as a downloadable PDF, on a CD-ROM, in printed manual form, or a combination of all three. For a more detailed description on all the SCO OpenServer 6 education materials and for information on ordering, visit www.sco.com/education .

New SCO OpenServer 6 Support Bundles Available

SCO this week also announced the availability of new customer support services bundled with the product that provide discounted customer support when purchased with new, upgrade or trade-in licenses of SCO OpenServer 6. In addition to having two authorized technical contacts and four business hour response times for all versions of SCO OpenServer 6, customers have the option of purchasing 24 x 7 emergency services, one business hour response times, and various other support features.

New SCO OpenServer 6 Implementation Services

SCO also announced recently the immediate availability of Implementation Services for OpenServer 6. Consisting of four packages designed to ensure an efficient transition to the SCO OpenServer 6 platform:

* Assessment Service * Porting Service * Deployment Service * Training Service

These services may be purchased as a package or a la carte. Special pricing is available for purchases of multiple packages.

For a limited time, all SCO channel partners can increase their services profit margin to 30 percent. The new profit margin will apply to any new sales of support offerings from call packs, including professional services and consulting. For more information on all of these services offerings, customers and resellers can call 1-800-726-6561.

Ongoing UNIX Strategy and Roadmap

SCO's ongoing UNIX strategy and roadmap will focus on a powerful new product code-named Project Fusion. Based on the new 64bit UNIX SVR6 kernel technology, Project Fusion will deliver an Operating System for the Internet age. Project Fusion will also integrate server virtualization capabilities in the kernel, thus providing an ecosystem of application runtime. The UnixWare and OpenServer customers will benefit from a larger pool of applications and makes the vision of a larger market a reality to solution providers.

"With the completion of Project Legend and thereby recent release of OpenServer 6, all of our development efforts are now streamlined on a single common source base and are geared towards innovation," said Sandy Gupta, chief technology officer, The SCO Group. "Project Fusion should prove to be another fantastic product from The SCO Group. Its ability to support both 32 and 64-bit processing power will provide customers with the ability to take advantage of the new and emerging 64-bit hardware technologies when it is released," said Bob Ungraetti, president, Garett Group Inc. "It's nice to see that SCO is also furthering its UNIX System V technology. UNIX SVR6 technology applied in Fusion completes the modern operating system allowing users to run an array of applications on mature technology that has been developed for decades with a proven track record of stability and reliability."

SCO plans to provide the first public demonstrations of Project Fusion during 2006. Pricing for the product will be announced as the product gets closer to shipping. Further information about the upcoming Project Fusion beta program and product release will be available at www.sco.com/fusion .

About SCO

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Forward-looking statements

The statements contained in this press release regarding (i) the creation of Project Fusion, (ii) the planned demonstration of Project Fusion, and (iii) the expected capabilities of Project Fusion and anticipated customer benefits and other effects of introducing Project Fusion that are not historical fact are forward-looking statements and are made under the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These statements are based on management's current expectations and are subject to risks and uncertainties. Actual future results and trends may differ materially from historical results or those projected in any forward-looking statements depending on a variety of factors. These factors include, but are not limited to, the Company's ability to bring Project Fusion to the marketplace and the operating effectiveness of Project Fusion as well as other factors more fully discussed in the Company's current and periodic reports filed from time to time by The SCO Group, Inc. with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including Forms 10-K, 10-Q and 8-K. These forward looking statements speak only as of the date on which such statements are made, and The SCO Group, Inc. undertakes no obligation to update such statements to reflect events or circumstances arising after such date.